The Arctic Research Data Infrastructure Team

The Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability (CCADI) has decades of combined experience in working on large, complex, collaborative, multi-institutional, multi-organizational science and technology projects. Members of the Scientific (ST) and Technical Teams (TT) will use their years of collective experience to ensure that the ARDI implementation is feasible given the available resources. The priority will be on developing production-level, best of breed solutions for key data resources and applications and sharing the knowledge, patterns and tools developed, yet recognizing that engagement of the broader community will be required to make all relevant data sets available. 

The Scientific Team has the expertise to guide the development of the ARDI and the connections to ensure widespread use. Members conduct cutting-edge research across many disciplines and are sought-after for Arctic expert groups, committees, and organizations. Members of the ST are listed below:

Maribeth Murray - University of Calgary 

Peter Pulsifer - Carleton University 

Warwick Vincent - Université Laval

Sheelagh Carpendale - Simon Fraser University 

Claude Duguay - University of Waterloo

Alexandre Forest - Université Laval

Claire Herbert - University of Manitoba

Tim Papakyriakou - University of Manitoba

Jennifer Parrott - Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Teresa Scassa - University of Ottawa

Ravi Darwin Sankar - Longwood University

Étienne Godin - Université Laval

Stephan Gruber - Carleton University 

Mickaël Lemay - Université Laval

Tahiana Ratsimbazafy - Université Laval

Tonya Burgers - University of Manitoba

Carl Barrette -    Université Laval

Lauren Candlish - University of Manitoba

Ryan Mazan - Inuvialuit Regional Corporation


The Technical Team are software development/data experts who will oversee an experienced team of designers and developers to build the ARDI. All have years of experience building and connecting RDI for data storage, access, processing and display. All are committed to development of open-sourced, interoperable software. 

Peter Pulsifer - Carleton University 

Amos Hayes - Carleton University 

Steve Liang - University of Calgary 

Shannon Christoffersen - University of Calgary 

Kara Matthews - University of Calgary

David Arthurs - Polar View 

Byron Chu - Cybera, Inc.

Alex Tennant - Cybera, Inc.

Claire Herbert - University of Manitoba

George Parkes - Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Andrew Fleming - Polar View

Andreas Cziferszky - Polar View

Étienne Godin - Université Laval

Greg Vey - Polar Data Catalogue

Nick Brown - Carleton University 

James Badger - University of Calgary

Herman Anker - Polar Data Catalogue

Rebekah Ingram - Carleton University 

Sarah Storteboom - Simon Fraser University

Adam Stone - Carleton University

Navarjun Grewal - Simon Fraser University

Michael Allchin - University of Calgary

Yanique Campbell - University of Manitoba

Munish Madan - University of Calgary 

Kelsey Friesen - University of Manitoba

Alex Gao - Carleton University